Preparing to ride

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Once you have met with one of the trainers at Jaclyn Meinen Dressage and designed your program, you will need to prepare for your lesson. Arriving for your lesson, you may have a few things to do prior to riding.  So it is very important that you are ready on time.  Remember that your lesson is a specifically designated slot in the schedule and it is important to be considerate of your instructor and the other riders.  If you are late, your lesson will be shorter and you will miss out on some of the fun!  Lastly, if you unable to be there it is important to notify your instructor in advance as soon as possible.

     What to Wear

These are important requirements for your lesson attire:

•An ASTM-SEI Certified Riding Helmet must be worn when mounted at all times.

•Riders must wear a long or short sleeve shirt that covers the shoulders, no tank tops.

•Long pants like jeans or riding pants/jodphurs. No sweat pants or shorts.

•Boots that have at least a 1-inch heel; they can be paddock (short or ankle) style. No tennis shoes.

•Optional items include, chaps or half-chaps & gloves.

     Helmet Tips 

The easiest way to shop for a correctly fitting helmet is to go to your local tack shop. The staff will be eager to help you select and fit a helmet and to instruct on the correct way to wear it. Helmets bearing the ASTM-SEI certification are not expensive and worth every penny.

Never buy a second-hand helmet, you cannot properly determine if it has been previously damaged.Always replace your helmet if you have a big fall or if it gets otherwise damaged. Lastly, never use a bike helmet for riding a horse. They do not cover the back of your head well enough and are designed for riding bicycles, not horses.