tiny_logo JMDOur philosophy at Jaclyn Meinen Dressage maintains that the training program for our horses is as important to as our lesson program is to our clients. The health and fitness of the horses in our care is our top priority.  As a result of this philosophy, there is a staff member at the barn 7 days a week to insure the well-being of our client’s horses, our sale horses, and our lesson horses and ponies. Horses are checked periodically throughout the day and observed to assess each horse’s physical health and disposition.

Body condition and mental health are the result of regular exercise. All horses in our training program get out of their stall 7 days a week. Each horse has a customized program that takes into account the horse’s ability, condition, and the client’s goals.

The training program at Jaclyn Meinen Dressage endeavors to safely meet the needs and aspirations of all participants at all riding levels, regardless of age, experience, fitness level, or goals.  A professional trainer is ready to customize a program just for you in a caring fun-filled environment. Seasoned school horses and ponies are available for your enjoyment.  Basic riding skills and beginning jumping instruction is available.  Whether you want to ride for recreation or you are seeking the competition arena, we have a program for you!

We focus on building self-confidence and teaching safety around horses, as well as basic horsemanship on the ground and on horseback.  Our emphasis is the development of all skills necessary to meet our client’s equestrian goals, including a balanced seat and overall physical fitness.  Hands on activities provide pleasurable experiences as students learn to care for their horse and tack, and as they build comradery with other riders.