~Training Dressage Horses and Riders through Grand Prix~

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November 2017 Jaclyn is now in Wellington, Florida after a successful show at the USDF Nationals in Lexington, KY

September 2017 IMG_2621I am so proud of Sunshine this last weekend! She completed her fist horse trial in 3rd place, out of 19, on a 30.4! Thank you Sherri Parzick for giving me the opportunity to ride such an incredible mare! Thank you Shannon Lilley and Charlotte Bredahl for all of your coaching and continuous support!!! I could not be more grateful for my wife, Jaclyn Meinen, who relentlessly sticks by my side on my journey back into the eventing world!!! We are so proud to announce that all of Team JMD horses that competed in the CDS/USDF Annual show have received invitations to the US finals in Kentucky! Congratulations ladies!! fullsizeoutput_771 DSC_0110 DSC_0139 DSC_0145 DSC_0160 DSC_0178 DSC_0186 DSC_0195 DSC_0205 IMG_5502 DSC_0206 DSC_0211 fullsizeoutput_777 fullsizeoutput_776 IMG_0588 fullsizeoutput_779 fullsizeoutput_778Congrats team JMD on a fabulous CDS Annual Show! Veronica Nemmer and Andreo are the 2017 USDF Region 7 3rd level champions and CDS 3rd level HOY Reserve Champions! Jaclyn and Rivendall, owned by Maurisa Sommerfield, finished 5th with a 70% in a huge USDF Region 7 PSG class and 6th in CDS PSG HOY! Jaclyn and Edison, owned by Guillaume Cottarel, finished 9th in CDS 3rd level HOY as well as USDF! Jaclyn and Herbstliebe, owned by Leslie Goodloe, finished strong on a 67% in the USDF 3rd level and 7th overall CDS 3rd level HOY! Rebecca Olson and Fabius finished 4th in the USDF 1st level and 3rd in CDS 1st level HOY! Chengzi Guo and Jackson were 3rd in the USDF Training level! Chengzi and Beckebauer-d finished 5th in CDS first level HOY and 4th in USDF 1st level Jr/yr. Thank you Charlotte Bredahl for all of your phenomenal coaching and support! Thank you Marie Meyers and Marisa Festerling for all of these lovely horses and for a wonderful year! Thank you Jordan and Ian for making sure that the horses and barn were spotless and the days went without a hiccup! Huge thanks to all of our family friends and owners who came out to support our team! Thank you to our sponsors Stubben North America, Riding warehouse, KEP, Equifuse and BRL Equine for making sure that we have all of the top equipment and products for our horses and riders! 

  August 2017 BRLequinelogotransparentWe want to give a huge thank you to our newest sponsors to join team JMD! BRL Equine is a fantastic company who develops natural high-performance formulations that are scientifically validated through clinical research. They also promise to maintain a strong commitment to quality and continue to find solutions to improve the natural supplements available to the equine and riding community. https://brlequine.com Congratulations Veronica and Rebecca on a fantastic weekend at Yarra Yarra! Veronica and Andreo on scored 67 and 69% at 3-3 winning the class! Rebecca and Fabius were superstars earning a 72 and 74% at 1-3 winning their class as well! We are so proud of how well our clients are riding and how good the horses are going. Congratulations Team JMD! DSC_0276SOLD! Regulus (Moose)          July 2017 DSC_0444 DSC_0463 DSC_0507 DSC_0654 DSC_0655 DSC_0734Team JMD just returned from a very fun and successful show at Rancho Murrieta! Rachel Gaines and Fabs did there last show together ending 3rd overall for the 3rd level Junior Championships! Hannah Lee showed Lazio at 1-3 in her last show before college as well! Scoring 67.9 %! Chengzi Guo showed her new horse Becks in 1-1 getting high point two days in a row with over 74% Veronica Nemmer and wonderful Andreo showed 3-3 scoring up to 69% toward the Championships! Rebecca Olson and Fabius were super stars scoring 69% in there debut at 1-3! Leslie Goodloe‘s lovely mare Libby and I made our debut at third level scoring 72.9% in 3-3!

Thank you for everyone who put the show on it was well run with great footing, stabling and great management! I could not be more thankful for the wonderful team we have! Thank you so much Jordan N. Yankton for all that you do! Thank you to all our wonderful sponsors who help our team going! Stubbon saddles, BRL equine and Riding Warehouse!!! GO TEAM JMD!!

June 2017 Congratulations Rachel and Veronica on a successful Yarra Yarra! Veronica and Andrew debuted at 3rd level with a 67%! Rachel and Fabrizio went through their freestyle earning a 65%! Congratulations girls and thank you Jordan for all of your hard work behind the scenes!

fullsizeoutput_711 fullsizeoutput_70b DSC_0342 fullsizeoutput_708Congratulations Chengzi and Rachel on a successful show at CNDC! Rachel’s freestyle was so cute earning a 65%, they finished the show weekend doing 3rd level test 3 coming home with some prize money and a 64%. Chengzi showed Jackson training level test 3 and scored 70% and had a great ride on Becks earning a 68% in 1st level test 1. Congratulations girls! Thank you Jordan for all of your help!


FullSizeRender 2Congratulations Jen on your new mare Sunshine!! Cant wait to see this pair develop! Thank you Sheri on this wonderful opportunity! 

fullsizeoutput_6e1 fullsizeoutput_6db fullsizeoutput_6d8DSC_0119fullsizeoutput_6fc                       Congratulations Jaclyn and Rivendall on a successful CDI in Paso Robles!! Jaclyn and River finished both the Prix St George and Intermediare 1 tests with a 67%!! Congratulations on being the Reserve Champs in the CDI!!! Thank you so much Marie Meyers for all of your support and coaching! Thank you Maurisa for all of the support in our journey to success! May 2017

DSC_0332 IMG_5251Congratulations team JMD on a successful weekend at CNDC Dressage Derby 1&2! Jenna and Royal debuted at 1st level with a 66%! Rebecca and Fabius also debuted at 1st level coming home with a 71%! Congratulations girls on such a great first outing with your new horses! Thank you Jordan for all of your help! We couldn’t do it without you!

IMG_1900 38851A02-Welcome Becky and Davey to team JMD! 

April 2017 image1I’iwi and Jen had so much fun schooling cross country at the Horse Park! I’iwi was so brave for her first time out and loved it!     18301002_1927760174108540_1692222780346149861_nSo proud of Edison and River at Del Mar National!! River got over all FEI High Point and won his class on Thursday! Edison is was such a champ as well! Reserve Champion at Third level with over a 71%! To top it off I received the letter I got excepted into Dressage Development Program!!!!! Thank you so much to our wonderful coach Marie Meyers for helps us reach our dreams! Thank you Maurisa for the continued support on our journey! 18194929_1896916920589444_2706075007630417275_n IMG_7415We are so proud of our horses and riders that went to the Spring Flowers Combined test! Chloe and Moose received the highest dressage score of the show! Jenna and Royal had a very pleasant first outing! I’iwi impressed us all and was such a good girl in both stadium and dressage! March 2017 River San Juan '17 River San Juan '17 MM River San Juan '17 StubbenCongratulations Jaclyn and River on an unbelievable weekend at DRESSAGE AFFAIRE (SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO)!!! Jaclyn and River made their Prix St George debut winning with a 74%+! Thank you to all of our sponsors, Stubben North America, Riding Warehouse and KEP Italia, for all of your support and great products!! February 2017 13754129_1794931657391393_8586210905414590224_nTeam JMD had a very successful first show out for 2017!!! Chloe Feingold and Moose improved by leaps and bounds! Chengzi, Maurisa and Hannah all made their debut at 1st level!!!  Rachel and Fabrizio did their first FEI JR Team Test! Congratulations ladies on a great weekend. Thank you Jose for all of your hard work as always! 2017 show season here we come!!!   -RW-EngWe could not be more excited to welcome our new sponsor Riding Warehouse to the team. Please click on the link below to see what they have! They are a great company with quality products!


January 2017 img_3133Congratulations Donnie on your new home!









December 2016


dsc_0050We are so happy for George and his new owners. We can’t wait to see these two in the show ring!




November 2016

Congratulations Rebecca on your purchase of Fabby!!! We are so excited to have such a lovely horse   in the barn. Thank you so much Marie Meyers and Marisa Festerling for another wonderful buying experience.


September 2016

faxxheadCongratulations Susan Fillichio on your purchase of Faxx, we are so happy for you and your daughter.




14079648_10157349340960298_3678197055183094306_nCongratulations Leslie on your purchase of Jeremy. He could not have found a better home!

August 2016

14063966_10153691276936231_2876282401287778642_nGreat Job Rachel Gaines riding in the  CDS JR/Young Rider Clinic with Charlotte Bredahl! We are so proud of you and your riding!


DSC_0078 (1) DSC_0211 14079648_10157349340960298_3678197055183094306_n DSC_0126 DSC_0196 DSC_0237Congratulations team JMD on a fantastic weekend at the Woodside Finale! Edison and Jaclyn were superstars at 3rd level scoring up to 68%. River was unbelievable schooling with Jaclyn and is ready to show next weekend. Skye and Klickitat rocked their 4th level tests scoring as high as 66%! Shannon and Cleo cleaned up at training level! Honey and Johnny schooled with Jennifer and were so good, both have come so far. Jeremy(FOR SALE) schooled cross country with Shannon on Sunday and was a superstar, afterwards he competed in the JK show (his first show ever) and was 7th out of 30 in his the Cross Rail Hunters! Thanks to Riley for all of her hard work, we couldn’t do it without her!

edison vase 3rdlvlCongratulations Jaclyn and Edison on coming in 2nd and recieving a beautiful vase in the Woodside Finale 3rd level Championship class!


DSC_0153 DSC_0238 DSC_0162

Congratulations team JMD on a successful Jr Championships! Hannah and Lazio were the Training Level Champions with a 74%. Chengzi and Jackson were 3rd in at Training Level with a 70%. Jordan and Rosantos were 5th at 3rd Level scoring a 69%. Rachel and Fabrizio came in 6th at 3rd Level scoring a 65%. Our Training Level team made up of Hannah, Chengzi and Marieke finished 3rd. Skye and Klickitat had a great ride at 4-1 on Friday and rode like a star in her lessons all week. Thank you Team JMD for helping each other out and making this weekend a success. Jaclyn, Jeanette and I could not be more proud of everyone and their horses.


DSC_0113 DSC_0032

 July, 2016

DSC_0002Congratulations Vicki on your purchase of Andy! We are so happy he found his new home the day after he arrived!!!! Congratulations Maurisa Sommerfield on the sale of your special boy, he could not have found a better home. Go team JMD!!!!


DSC_0028 13754129_1794931657391393_8586210905414590224_nWoodside Summer Dressage was a success for all! Rachel Gaines and Jordan Yankton both improved their scores on 3rd level test 3. Jordan finished the weekend as Reserve Champion upper level Jr/Yr! Jaclyn and Edison had some of their best rides at 3rd level test scoring up to 69% and ending up Reserve Champion upper level. Chengzi and Jackson were superstars pulling 70s at training level winning Champion lower level Jr/Yr. Hannah and Lazio made their debut at 1st level and were superstars!!! Cynthia and So What made huge improvements on there 4th level test 3. Jennifer and Honey went to school for the weekend and are so excited for their next outing! Thanks to Riley and Carla for making sure that everything goes round  We could not be more proud of everyone on team JMD!!!

June, 2016

eddie chengziGolden State Dressage went wonderfully! Chengzi and Jackson were superstars making huge inprovements throughout the weekend scoring up to 67% at training level. Edison and Jaclyn debuted at 3rd level winning both of his classes! Great job girls!


May, 2016

IMG_3411 rachel and erin13450904_1786124558272103_8577079628666068189_nWoodside Spring Dressage was a huge success for team JMD! Rachel Gaines and Fabrizio finiched the weekend with a 68% at 3rd level. Rachel was also the upper level reserve high point Jr for the weekend! Chengzi and Jackson debuted at training level with a very successful first show scoring 69%! Hannah and Lazio Z were superstars finishing the weekend with a 69% at Training level. Cynthia and So What met us at the show and were wonderful scoring 68% at 4th Level. Congratulations team JMD and thank you Riley for all of your hard work, we couldnt do it without you!!


lunaWelcome home Donna Luna! We are so happy to have Luna home. She has been so well cared for by Jane Buyny, Thank you so much for the opportunity to own her again.



Lady Grenet May 16

Congratulations Lisa Malinowski! We would like to welcome Lady Grenet, Gaspard DG/UB40!! Gem and Lady Grenet are dong very well and are in the best of hands at DGBarr Ranch, we are so excited to see this young lady grow! Congratulations Lisa Malinowski on such a beautiful filly.

 April, 2016

marie clinicJaclyn Meinen Dressage had a great clinic with Marie Meyers, we are always so greatful to have the opportunity to learn from the best. Contact us for upcoming clinic dates.


March, 2016 

Jaclyn Meinen Dressage is proud to anounce that March has been an exciting month. Starting with the sale of three sale horses within two weeks of being on the market! We are also proud to anounce our new sponsor, N2 Saddlery!


Congratulations Rachel Gaines on earning your bronze metal! You and Fabrizio make such a good team! Everyone at Jaclyn Meinen Dressage is so proud of you!



                                                                     Golden State Dressage March Mania! DSC_0084 (1) DSC_0035 (1)We are so proud of team JMD!  Jaclyn and Edison, owned by Guillaume Cottarel made their debut at 2nd level and were superstars. Jaclyn also rode Efisio owned by Tammy Gollotti in his first show. Jennifer rode Hossana, owned by Jeanette Mitchell in her first show. Hannah Lee and Lazio Z were super, this year is going to be a fun one for you two, thank you Marie Meyers for finding such a great horse for Hannah. Rachel Gaines made her debut at 3rd level on her horse Fabrizio (FOR SALE), we are so proud of her. Jordan Yankton made her debut at 4th level on her horse Rosantos, we could not be more proud of how all of our horses and riders did. Thank you everyone who supports us. Thank you Marie Meyers Dressage  for finding us such wonderful horses. Thank you Nathan Zacharias for doing such a great job with their feet. Thank you Jordan for all of your hard work! last but not least we want to thank our sponsors, N2 Saddlery, Custom Saddlery, Cavalor Feed, Equifuse Hair Products and KEP Helmets.


N2-Saddlery-logoJennifer and Honey are loving their new Cardhu saddle from our sponsors N2 Saddlery, Linda Poetsch did such a great job with the fitting! If anyone has any questions about the saddles do not hesitate to ask.



FullSizeRenderCongratulations to the Lohr family and their trainer Zabou on the purchase of Paris! We couldn’t be happier for Paris and his new family.


vally trot 12Congratulations Nicole Borsenik on the purchase of Valentina. We could not be happier for the both of you and cant wait to see you guys grow together!





lexiCongratulations to the Kenny family on their purchase of Lexi! She is going to be a wonderful horse for your family. I am so happy that she found such a great forever home!


ciara westFebruary, 2016                          

 Jaclyn Meinen Dressage has relocated our buisiness to Ciara West Equestrian!!! We could not be more excited to start this new chapter! We cant wait to ride in the large covered arena and the outdoor dressage court with mirrors! Such a beautiful property with a view of the ocean, its a slice of paradice!!!


DSC_0096 lexi Lexi trotJanuary, 2016 FEATURE HORSE!!!

Artemis K, Lexi is one of  our wonderful Schoolmaster who is available for lessons! She is an exceptionaly kind mare who loves her job. Lexi is great with all levels of riders, if you are someone riding for the first time or someone who wants to get into the show ring on a safe well trained horse. Contact us to set up a lesson and meet our wonderful staff.


1jackyvertJanuary 17,2016 Congratulations Jaclyn! Jaclyn has returned home with more knowledge and inspiration from the USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program. She is so thankful to be a part of this program.




   young rider team January 15-17, 2016 Jaclyn was selected and given a grant to attend the USDF Young Rider Graduate Program and the USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program in West Palm Beach, FL! Congratulations Jaclyn on this amazing opportunity!

  DSC_0131 January 1, 2016 Congratulations Hannah Lee on her new horse Lazio Z! Thank you so much Marie Mayers and Marisa Festerling for helping us find another wonderful addition to our barn!

  NAJYRC_logo_horizontal MarkelChampionships Dressage_Seat_Medal_2014


tiny_logo JMD ~2015 Highlights~

December, 2015

Congratulations to Team JMD Trainer Jen McCormick on her new mare, Honey. Thank you so much Chelsey Sibley for selling your very special mare to her new owner. We look forward to seeing her shine in the show ring soon!

Jenna and Libby at Saratoga Equestrian

October 2015

Congratulations to JMD client Jenna Driscoll and her mare Libby, who won the USDF 2015 Junior/Young Rider Award – Training Level Hanoverian. Thank you to Marie Meyers for finding this amazing mare. We are all looking forward to her future with Jenna!

12141552_10153274998805838_6900540011937837475_n   12043186_10153274998985838_7206754477568048114_n

October, 2015

 Congratulations to Jaclyn and Edison, scoring over 70% on Sunday at Osierlea Dressage! Congratulations to Rachel and Fabrizio, scoring 66% at Second Level! Go Team JMD!

12027585_10156092125885298_4377034235056767802_nDSC_0006 (1) 12049506_1664810270403533_5117049007843211387_n  12039323_1664810460403514_527621798186037598_n  12046831_1664810360403524_8503625733296512745_n 12006258_1664810313736862_5957914235942622498_n

September, 2015

Congratulations to team JMD at the 2015 Great American/USDF Region 7 & California Dressage Society Championships!! Jordan N. Yankton and Rosantos were Jr/Yr Reserve Champions in both CDS and USDF at 1st level with an average of 72%! Rachel Gaines finished the weekend in 5th with a 66% for Jr/Yr USDF and 6th with a 65% for Jr/Yr CDS at 1st level with her horse Fabrizio. Jenna Driscoll and her mare Herbstliebe finished the weekend off 5th with a 65% for Jr/Yr CDS and 3rd with a 66% in Jr/Yr USDF for Training level. She also competed in JR/YR Dressage Seat Equitation finishing with a 79.5%. Lisa Malinowski’s mare Gem Grenat was such a good girl finishing the 4yr old futurity with a 65%! Thank you Cornerstone for putting on such a great annual show. Thank you to our sponsors Robyn Drake with Custom Saddlery, Equifuse Hair Products and Cavalor feed.


September, 2015

Congratulations Jennifer McCormick and  client Lisa Malinowski and her two horses, Gem and Kadillac DG this weekend at the KWPN Kuering at DG Bar Ranch in Hanford, CA.  Gem was awarded First Premium Ster Mare. Congratulations Lisa Malinowski on your phenomenal  four year old.  Kadillac DG who was also awarded First Premium Foal. We are so happy for the future of these two phenomenal horses.


Tammy August, 2015

Congratulations to JMD Adult Amateur Client Tammy Gollotti on her purchase of Johnny. He is such a talented young horse. We look forward to your future!


pontiniAugust, 2015

Jaclyn Meinen Dressage welcomes Pontini to the team. Congratulations to Alis Patterson on your new boy. We can’t wait to see you two grow as a team!


GemAugust 15 

Congratulations to Jennifer McCormick and Lisa Malinowski’s Gem on their very first show at Woodside Dressage today! An amazing success with scores up to 77% at Training Level!


CDS Northern JR/YR Champs, Starr Vaughn

Congratulations to the Champions of Jaclyn Meinen Dressage! Jordan Yankton and Rosantos had an average score of 70% and are the First Level 14-17 Champions! Jenna Driscoll and Libby are the Training Level 13 and under Champions as well as the overall high score leaders with an 87%! Rachel Cohen and Butterfly Kisses are the Pony Club First Level Champions! Way to go ladies!

July – Woodside Summer Dressage

Congratulations to the JMD team for another successful show at Woodside Summer Dressage. Jordan Yankton and Huey had their debut at 3rd level, with scores to 70% and a brand new USDF Bronze Medal. Jenna Driscoll and her mare Libby cleaned up at Training Level with all blues and scores up to 71%. Keira Pride and Wall-E showed for the first time together at 3rd level with all blues and scores up to 69%. Lisa Malinowski and Brad had their 4th level debut with scores improving throughout the weekend. Emily Gilles and Marieke Sillevis Smitt both showed at training level with solid tests in the mid 60’s. Way to go team! And a special thank you to Marie Meyers for coming to coach the team at the show!


jenna 2 10340125_1621553354729225_8119479257710064989_n

June – CNDC Dressage Derby

JMD client Jordan Yankton and her horse Rosantos (aka Huey) at the CNDC Dressage Derby last weekend. They had an amazing 2nd level debut, winning the class with a 66.97%! Congratulations! Congratulations to JMD client Jenna Driscoll and her mare Libby. They were awarded overall JR High Point at the Christiane Noelting Dressage Derby Series today! Amazing!


June – Breeding Announcement

JMD Client Lisa Malinowski’s UB40 Mare, Gem, is being bred to the stallion Gaspard De La Nuit DG. We all look forward to the foal next June! What an amazing match!

rachelanderin jen and students

 May 15-17, Woodside Spring Dressage Show

Congratulations to the JMD dressage team! Many blue ribbons and amazing scores at the Woodside Spring Dressage Show last weekend. We are so proud of each of you for all of your hard work! The girls scored up to 72.7%, with eight horse and rider teams and three trainers! There were too many fabulous rides to list them all! Well done ladies!

Jenna and Libby at Yarra Yarra Dressage

April 26, 2015 – Yarra Yarra Dressage Show

Jenna had many successful rides at Yarra Yarra Dressage. The newest horse in the barn, Herbstliebe aka “Libby” and her junior rider/owner Jenna Driscoll made this their first show together. The mare was just purchased from Marie Meyers Dressage earlier this month. Libby and Jenna won their Training Level test Three class with an amazing 72.50%! Adult Amateur rider Tammy Golotti rode her own mare Artemis K to win the blue in the Training Level test One class with a 63.478%. Ariana Farsai had a very nice ride on Miss Encore at Training Level test One with a 62.423%. Junior rider Hannah Lee rode her own Marius K to a 63.3% in Training Level test Three. Watch for all these riders at the Spring Woodside show May 15-17 at the Horse Park at Woodside. Please come by the barn to meet us!

April, 2015 

The Jaclyn Meinen Dressage Team traveled to San Juan Capistrano for two weekends of Showing at Capistrano Dressage International and Festival of the Horse. The teams of horses and riders had two very successful shows! Elise Cutini with her new gelding, Prince. Their first show together, and Prince’s first time out at third level. They brought home many blue ribbons with scores in the high sixties! Congratulations to Rachel Gaines and Fabrizio who scored up to 69% at San Juan Capistrano! She and “Fabs” came home with too many blue ribbons to count!

Congratulations to Jordan Yankton and Rosantos! Jordan was awarded the JR/YR High Percentage Award at Festival of the Horse. Jordan purchased “Huey” from Jaclyn Meinen Dressage and this was their first show together.

Westbound and Jaclyn were amazing at San Juan Capistrano. Jaclyn showed Westbound for his first time at third level and scored into the high sixties! Superstars! 


 April, 2015

Congrats to Jenna Driscoll and family on their new horse Libby! Thank you Marie Meyers and Marisa Festerling for making this happen!!!

March, 2015

The Jaclyn Meinen Dressage team went to Yarra Yarra Ranch for a show. Jenna Driscoll rode her Westpahalian horse Placido in Training Level Test 3 with a score of 68.4%! Jenna and Placido won the large class, which was full of adult amateurs and open riders. Congratulations Jenna! Rachel Cohen showed her own Belgian Sporthorse, Butterfly Kisses, in First Level Test 1 with a score of 63.7% . Araian Farsai showed Miss Encore in Training Level Test 2, with a score of 64.8%. Congratulations to all the young ladies on their show! Look for these amazing teams at the shows this year!

February, 2015


Congratulations to Hannah Lee on the purchase of Marius K, AKA Mario. Mario is a Dutch Warmblood gelding shown to FEI. He is a super star and the JMD team is so excited to match up this pair. Look for them at the shows this season!



Westbound with Keira, Jen and jJaclyn Tammy with Artemis K and Jen

The Jaclyn Meinen Dressage team traveled to Yarra Yarra Ranch in Pleasanton for the first show of the season. What a success! Tammy Gollotti rode Artemis K (AKA Lexi) in Tammy’s very first dressage show. They both did well and had a great time. Junior rider Rachel Gaines and her new gelding Fabrizio rode first level test one with a score of 65.5 %. Keira Pride and her Hannoverian gelding Westbound rode second level for the first time and received a first place with a score of 71.6%. Many of the JMD team came out for support and to assist the gals showing. What an amazing day considering the rainstorm that was going on during the show!

DSC_0006 (1)

January, 2015

JMD Spotlight Client, Rachel Gaines is a 15 year old Junior Rider. Rachel began riding with Jen in 2010, competing on her various leased horses and then her own pony “Bigger Than a Breadbox.” Rachel has shown at many USDF recognized dressage shows with scores up to the high 60’s under Jen’s instruction. Rachel is a sophomore at Archibishop Mitty High School and just purchased Fabrizio, an 15 year old imported 3rd level Hanoverian. “Fabs” was previously owned and ridden by Jaclyn’s client Elise Cutini. When asked about Jaclyn and Jen, Rachel says, “I think I can speak for all of Jacky and Jen’s clients when saying that they never fail to create an encouraging and positive environment in the barn that anyone can thrive in. Their teaching styles compliment each other nicely, and they are both so passionate when it comes to helping their clients be happy and successful. They have transformed me into the rider I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. To me, Jacky and Jen are more than simply my coaches. They’ve always been people I can confide in and feel comfortable around. They’re my role models, and I could never imagine riding with anyone else.”



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Custom Saddlery fits each saddle to both horse and rider. By using riders’ and trainers’ input, they continuously provide improved designs and styles. Their state-of-the-art facility, qualified personnel, and experience in saddle making consistently makes their saddles the most innovative and comfortable, the top choice for jumping and dressage riders throughout the world, respected for a quarter of a century as one of the most innovative saddle makers in the dressage world. For more information on Custom Saddlery visit their website at www.mysaddle.com .

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